Greet your guests in style with this lovely beverage fountain...

Champagne fountain

Fantastic Chocolate Fountains are pleased to offer their commercial Apex champagne fountain with any chocolate fountain, candy buffet or palm tree booking. Our champagne fountain holds 5 gallons of your favourite tipple, such as Pimms, Baileys, Wine, Punch or any number of Cocktails, so you won't need a small mortgage to fill it up!  Suitable for all parties for 50 to 150 guests. 

Please note that although Champagne and Cava can be used in the fountain, these types of beverage will lose their fizz quite quickly.


 TGiant ice clamshellhe fountain is offered on a 'dry hire' only (i.e., the hire includes just the beverage fountain no drink or glasses) .  We can colour co-ordinate the fountain topper with to your colour scheme.  Unfortunately as we are not licenced, we are unable to supply alcohol.  It is also recommended that you contact your venue to provide glasses for the fountain.


 The fountain requires a minimum of 6 litres of liquid to run, once the level reaches below 6 litres we turn off the fountain and manually serve the remainder.



PRICES - Based on a three hour hire with free delivery within 20 miles

Champagne Fountain on Dry Hire on its own, with a member of staff - £199.00

Champagne fountain "add on" to a chocolate fountain package - £ 75.00




Filling your fountain doesn't need to cost a small fortune!

As an example, you can fill up with a spirit and a fruit juice mixer for around £70.  This would provide about 137 servings at 175ml per guest or 190 servings at 125ml per guest.  We generally use 2 parts spirit to 5 parts mixer as a guideline.  So to fill our fountain we would work on 4 litres of spirit to 20 litres of juice or mixer.

Prosecco fountainBaileys fountainDrinks fountain

It's worth noting that most venues apply a corkage fee if you take in your own alcohol, so please check with your venue.  Alternatively, your venue may be able to supply the beverage for you but it's worth checking out prices before agreeing to do this.